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We always have capacity for your next project.

A division of one of the largest waterjet operations in the US

10 state-of-the-art waterjet machines

Single units or mass production

One of the largest facilities in the US

Production engineers on site


What We Offer

Come to US Waterjet for start to finish management of your projects.

Acquisition of specified materials

Engineering and design services

Precision waterjet cutting to your specifications

Tolerances up to .001" (.025 mm)

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US Waterjet is a member of the Weaton family of companies

When you partner with Weaton Companies, you get best-in-class service, operations, and quality.

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Why Choose US Waterjet

Powerful waterjet equipment

10 state-of-the-art waterjet machines

Extra-large cutting beds up to 

3 operating shifts

Manufacturing versatility

Whether you need a single part or mass production; a part that's 1/4" or 10" thick, US Waterjet will get it done.

We can cut any flat surface

Steel, brass, aluminum, stone, glass, plastic. We can cut any custom part from many materials. 

Waterjet is the green alternative

Unlike laser-cutting, our processes minimize harmful waste and we recycle the water and garnet used in cutting.

Explore the possibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

US waterjet-circles-tech-drawing-01.jpg
  • Do you offer a warranty on your work.
    We offer warranties on our design and engineering. If a part is defective because of our design error, we will replace the part at no cost.
  • How long have you been in business?
    Our Iowa plant opened in 1979. We have almost 43 years experience in the waterjet industry.
  • Do you serve customers across the US?
    Yes. We've served US and global customers for more than 40 years.
  • What is your design and engineering process?
    Project specifications are received from client and a quote is submitted. Quote and project scope are approved by client and design files are shared. Production engineer reviews design specs and prepares CAD files for processing. Client approves final designs. CAD files are loaded into waterjet machine software and product is cut. Quality control process is executed to assure adherence to tolerances and proper edge finishing. Test part is packaged and shipped to customer site for inspection. If customer is local, inspection step can take place at our Iowa plant. Phone consultation with client to confirm delivery and accuracy of test product. Final adjustments are made and final part(s) are cut, finished, and shipped.
  • What is your typical turn around time?
    Every project is different, but our average turn-around time is 30 days from acceptance of quote to final delivery. We have delivered projects in as few as 10 days.
  • When a part is finished, how is it delivered to the customer?
    Our shipping department handles all packaging and shipping. We have crating capabilities for large shipments and manage relationships with FedEx, UPS and other private transportation companies.
  • What do you need from me in order to produce a quote?
    EPS, PDF or CAD file of your part(s), plus material specifications and timeline. Deliver all project information to Include a contact name, phone number, and email address.
  • How many waterjet machines do you have?
    13 dedicated machines operate in our 150,000 square foot US plant.
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